Healthy Living

Free flow

Whatever the weather, we are keen to promote free flow learning, giving children the opportunity to choose whether they would like to be inside or outside, where provision covering all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is available in both. Not only do we feel this is very beneficial for learning but for health also. We are strong believers in there being no inappropriate weather, just inappropriate clothing. Here are some benefits of free flow learning: .Greater independence- as the children access the different environments freely it helps them develop greater independence .Progress at their own pace- Children should not be rushed in their learning; it should be about giving children time to fully embrace the skills they are learning. .Decision making- As children are able to choose where they would like to play and with what, this is developing their decision making skills. .Physical wellbeing- Offering children the choice especially the outdoors enables them the opportunity to run around and build on their physical skills. .Learning about different environments- As children explore the different environment it opens up many learning opportunities as they discover the difference between inside and outside.

Physical activity

Physical activity is not only important in terms of development but for health too. We promote this through free flow learning, regular movement and games activities, and through our promotion of exploring through movement rather than seat based activities. We feel it is good to use lots of our energy to promote healthier lifestyles, and ensure all of the children are accessing appropriate physical activity daily.
Snack time We try to promote independence at snack times, with children being encouraged to pour their own drinks, and chop their own snack where appropriate. We try to encourage fruit and vegetable based snacks, alongside something such as breadsticks, yogurts, toast or savoury biscuits. Adaptions are made to suit dietary needs and allergies.
Healthy Choices for Lunch Boxes As much as possible we are keen to promote healthy choices within our lunchboxes, ensuring the childen are gaining adequate amount of both macronutrients and micronutrients within their lunches. We use circle time as an opporutnity to discuss healthy ideas, and the benefits of making healthy choices. There is a variety of ideas for lunchboxes avalaible within the entrance, or a member of staff will be able to provide further assistance.
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