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Pre-School Choices- Questions and Answers

There are many different types of early years education available, and by no means is there one right answer, but there is often one approach that is far more suitable to you and your child. It is important to explore these options to find out what is best for your family. Q:What is the difference between a private nursery and school nursery? A: We are both nursery schools and follow the same EYFS statutory guide lines however….. Private nursery schools run their sessions on each individual child’s interests. The staff observe, plan and look at your child’s next steps to create activities that suit your child needs all in line with the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). A School Nursery will follow topic lead teaching, with planning and activities for the whole class. Private nurseries will not force your child to sit at a table and take part in focused teaching activities; we follow a child led free flow approach. School nurseries tend to have a more classroom- based approach Q:What about the funding, attendance, drop offs and pick ups? A: We both receive 15 hours a weeks for all 3-4 year olds however, most school nurseries will only offer you mornings or afternoons. You cannot pay extra for more hours or all day nursery/childcare. Private Nurseries are flexible with timings and attendance. If you decide to take your child on a family holiday during term time, that is not a problem. School nurseries may have to follow their schools policy regarding holidays. Private nurseries are small and friendly places that welcomes parents and their opinions, particularly those that are committee based. They run with an open door policy where you are welcome at all times. School nurseries usually take your child at the door and you are encouraged to book by appointment to come in. Q:What about the staff and ratios? A: At Cinder Ash we have a child: Adult ratio of at least 1-6 (legislation states 1-8) for 3/4 year olds. Some children are not emotionally ready for any higher ratios, and we aim to use our smaller ratios to develop those peer bonds. Private Nursery schools legally have to run on a 1 adult to every 8 children ratio School Nurseries can run on a 1-16 ratio meaning 2 members of staff for 32 children. Q:But everyone has told me it is important for them to make friends with the children who they will be going to school with! A: How many times have you spent the afternoon at the park or at a toddler group and by home time your little one is waving goodbye to their new friend? Do not be put under pressure and made to feel guilty by the term make friends. Think about it! How many ‘friends’ did your child have when they first started with us? Look at them now. Children will always make friends! Lots of children will be going to school from surrounding private nurseries so your child shall not be alone. Q: So, what are the benefits of continuing with my child’s early year’s education at Cinder Ash? A:Your child is settled. The staff are fully qualified in ‘early years’ and understand the importance of the EYFS ethos of learning through play. They have developed an understanding of the environment and routine, aiding support during a time of lots of transitions. Q: If I do decide to leave my child at Cinder Ash, will I lose their place at the school of my choice? A: No. Once you have made your application and your child has been accepted, the place is yours for the whole of that academic year. Your child will not be more likely to be allocated a school place based on attending the school nursery.